Last night, I was feeling a little lost.

Lies… I’ve been feeling lost for about four months ?

It’s that feeling where you feel everything is like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Small steps forward, pushing against something huge, one false move and I’d be slipping back down the hill… and being crushed to death by the boulder from Indiana Jones.

Yeah, that feeling.

I eventually figured where it was coming from… Playing in someone else’s reality.

Here’s that I mean.

We live our lives in society, we have rules, we do our best within those rules.

When we choose to play outside those rules, we can create any reality we want.

We can make our money however we want, dye our hair pink and drink cocktails at 2pm because we can.

We create our own reality.

Sounds like heaven, yeah!?

Well, it’s not all espresso martinis my friend…

Let’s take business as a reality.

Create value, be useful, make people feel good, make the moneys.

Simple… until you start looking around at other people’s businesses.

They’ve done it like this so I have to.

You *have* to do this to make six figures.

You can’t be a consultant because you’re not qualified.

Or the best one…

I (me) can’t be a business coach because I’ve not made loads of money or be a life coach because my life isn’t perfect.

(Oh darling, you didn’t realise I’d made shit tons of money for other people… or talked people down from bridges… but that’s another story for another time.)

The self-doubt, the crushed dreams and the days and days of wondering if I’ll ever be good at anything ever again.

Months wasted because I tried to play in a reality that wasn’t mine.

Well, how about you shove *your* reality up your arse?!?!

Here’s my reality… and it can be yours too.


If you want to be the self-appointed queen of healthy eating then do it.

If you want to be the king of dressing up like Star War characters then do it.

If you want to be the human in charge of putting other humans back together again then do it.

Pick your reality and create it.

And here’s the secret…

People will love you even more for creating a reality they want to be part of.

And as a bonus… If you can find 1,000 people who want to share your reality then you can make a pretty decent living.

Us humans are capable of creating anything we want.

So why not create your *own* reality?

A Dose of Realness Facebook Group

Cocktails will be served at 2pm and you don’t need pink hair to get in the gang.