Last night, I was feeling a little lost. Lies... I've been feeling lost for about four months 😕 It's that feeling where you feel everything is like pushing a boulder up a hill. Small steps forward, pushing against something huge, one false move and I'd be slipping...

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Procrastinating like a winner today and organising my wardrobe 😂 . Too much black? 🎩 . Also, it turns out that I have ten pairs of black boots and yet I wear the same sneakers almost daily 😧 . Time for a Lisbeth Salander revival for winter? 🤔 ....

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One step at a time

Yesterday felt like the longest day of my life. I sat at my desk for hours staring at my screen. Pressing one keystroke at a time. I was conscious of every action. Time stood still. Press. Click. Press. Click. When days are hard, just pressing one button is the only...

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What do you want to be known for?

What do you want to be known for? What is the legacy you want to leave? Who do you want to serve to the best of your abilities? Do you want to be known for being the guy who did a thing once or twice but never really committed? Do you want to be known as the girl who...

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How feelings are signals to change your life

When things go sideways and you’re having a bad time, ultimately, your body wants to feel better. Humans are designed to move away from pain and into pleasure for as much time as possible. Find out how feelings can help you change your life if you listen to them. read more

Do the f’ing work

No matter where I am in business, the thing that solves 99% of my problems is this... Do the f'ing work. I'm the laziest hard working person in the world and if I can take a short cut, I will. It's human nature to expel as little energy as possible but that only works...

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Building the World’s Best Cafe

Here in Derby, there used to be a Cafe on a lovely street called Sadlergate. It’s still there now and it’s way more glammed up but a few years ago, it wasn’t too sexy.

Here’s the story...

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How to *NOT* to run a business

I’ve had a fair few of businesses in the past and some were even successful! But I have had some clangers too Here’s a whistle stop overview and a couple of lessons learnt on the way. It all started when I left Uni and wanted to have my own web design company  It was...

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Those 4am Thoughts

I thought we'd depart from the normal tutorials and give you a bit of realness. And some writing prompts.

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