Scale Up 

without Stressing Out

For Coaches, Creators, Thought Leaders and Burnout Babes

who want to Increase their Impact, Influence and Income…

And take day off without their business exploding, Queenie takes you from the time for money trap to being paid to be you with an all-new way of building a business.
– especially if you’re sick of being on “the socials” hamster wheel.

Discover an all-new way of building an Irresistible Personal Brand that speaks when you’re not in the room.

You don’t need to DO more, you just haven’t found a way to package your magic where people shout “take my money” and whip out their credit card.

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Copywriter, Advisor, tech nerd

Meet Your New Hype Woman

Hy, I’m Carolynne

I’m the person you come to when you love what you do but it’s burning you out.

You’ve hit a time ceiling, an earnings ceiling or even a stress ceiling and now you’re done with the online biz hamster wheel but don’t know where to turn for solid strategy, creativity and that vital mindset to take you from ugh to oh yeah!

This is the art and science of personal branding.