How To Wear Ankle Grazers

How to Wear Ankle Grazers

It’s Spring, it’s time to bust out those ankles and get rid of your sock marks! It feels like Spring can’t come too soon and I’m trying anything to bring the Summer forward by dumping my winter boots and thick socks. The easiest way to get a little bit of skin on show without feeling […]

Slip Ons

Six Of The Best – Slip Ons

  I can’t believe that Garance Doré has beaten me to this today! Anyway, let’s celebrate the Original Vans Slip Ons with a little Six of the Best blog post and some incredibly snazzy sneaks. First up, the original white canvas slip ons from Vans. Classic, timeless and never out of fashion. Another affordable option, […]

Breakfast cake!

Breakfast, Billie Piper Style

Well, that’s my breakfast as my small act of rebellion against pretty much everything this morning. After another crippling stomach ache and another sleepless night, I decided that changes are a’happening around here. One of the hardest things I have found in my life less ordinary is the feeling that I’m doing it wrong. There […]

Every Storm Starts With A Single Drop

I’m a Pro-crastinator – Habit vs Flow

A Call for Flow… please… I have sat here for about four hours ‘dicking about’ with my blog, reading other people’s blogs, installing (and uninstalling) Chrome Extensions, looking at my to do list and generally producing nothing. I feel bad, I feel unproductive and generally miserable that I’ve set aside an afternoon to write a […]

Calling all Stress-heads

Choosing Your Focus

Now they say (whoever they are) that you should write blog posts with someone in mind. Well today’s blog is for someone who is suffering from a little overwhelm and stress. The small stuff is becoming the big stuff and the really big stuff is too big to even think about right now! The small […]


My Style Manifesto

I wrote this a couple of months back as a page not a post and I thought it was about time I gave it a little more attention with a proper blog post. Here goes… I started the style part of my blog to say the things that weren’t being said about fashion. Fashion for […]

Currently Coveting – Spring Edition - Carolynne Alexander

Currently Coveting – Spring Edition

  Good afternoon and would you just look at the sunshine!? I’ve been holding off writing a Currently Coveting – Spring Edition for just the right time so here it is featuring some lovely things I’ve found, would love to get my hands on or I can’t wait to wear. Burberry cape poncho Man-kets […]

M25 Total Gridlock!

London – A False Start

Today’s post is a bitter sweet affair. I had planned to write a post called “My New Home” but it kinda… well… let me explain. The past few weeks have been filled with adventure, new houses, travellers from far off places and lots of coffee. For years, The Boy has been travelling up and down […]

Menswear Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Menswear Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Afternoon MEN! I’ve been putting off writing this post because, let’s be honest, it’s a little bit of a dig at bad dressers of the male variety so please take this as a little bit of humour In some ways, men have it easy to get dressed on a morning. I envy your simplicity, I’m […]


What rocked at London Fashion Week AW14

I have to confess, I wimped out and didn’t brave the rain and wind to go to Fashion Week this February. I was tucked up with a large warm drink and watched the whole thing live on the website. Yes, of course I dressed up for the occasion and was papped* walking from my office […]